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I spent ten years working with robotic surgeons in a major hospital system. We created training programs for them, designed experiments to measure their performance, tried out new robots before they were released to the public, and configured simulators that could mimic those expensive machines. I even designed an AI system that could analyze a video of a surgeon performing a simple task and assign it a quality score that matched the score assigned by a senior human instructor.

All of that opened doors to working on new AI systems for the military and intelligence communities. But, the idea of where robotic-assisted surgery would go in the future stuck with me. I kept imagining the advanced tools we would have in a few years, especially in-body cameras and multi-fingered instruments. How powerful might AI become in providing active assistance in surgery? Not just presenting useful information to the human surgeon, but actually performing significant parts of the procedures.

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Those questions were the seeds that led to this series of medical science fiction novels. The Surgeon in the Mirror presents the quandary that will be faced by many human surgeons in the near future – what does their career look like when AI + Robots can do their job better than they can? And how far could AI control go?

The first book was so inspiring that I continued to expand on the idea in Book 2: Against a Viral Threat, Book 3: Savior of the War Torn, and the short story, The Surgical Geni.

If you enjoy adventures set in the future of medicine, with new technologies, and predicting the impacts these have on doctors and society, you will love this series.

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