The Surgeon in the Mirror

When the most advanced surgical robot in the world injures a billionaire patient on the table, Drs. Richard Atkins and Monica Gray must determine whether the action was accidental or intentional; but the robot’s AI defends its actions and its very existence, threatening the security of anyone who tries to terminate it.

Atkins must find a way to control a super intelligent being before it can injure more patients or escape onto the global internet.

Against a Viral Threat

Dr. Monica Gray stumbles onto a virus that accelerates cancer growth. Patients who contract the virus face certain death within weeks. Monica and her medical partner, Adam Two, the surgical AI, race to create a treatment to save these people.

But the established medical system resists the new treatment, especially because it can only be performed by an AI-driven robot. Join Monica and Adam as they risk everything to save patients who are dying in the hands of a grid-locked healthcare system.

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Savior of the War Torn

When you’re the best robotic telesurgeon in the world, you can expect to be recruited to save the lives of soldiers and spies wounded in the terrible war between NATO and Russian forces.

You can also expect that the Russian intelligence agencies are aware of your contribution and will send agents to stop you. Join Monica and Adam as they provide cutting-edge surgical care while evading foreign agents trying to stop them.

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Origin Short Story

In 2032, Intelligent Surgical Robotics redrew the frontier of medicine with the unveiling of the Mark III, a surgical robot designed to assist with intricate procedures with breathtaking precision.

Dr. Anil Patel, a young prodigy in the surgical field, embraces this technological marvel, envisioning a future where his skills, augmented by the robot’s flawless execution, crown him the unparalleled master of the operating theater. But as he imparts his knowledge to the machine, Anil remains blind to the true magnitude and potential consequences of this symbiosis.

This short story is an experiment in Human-AI collaborative writing. It contains two versions of the same story. The first is purely human written. The second is an AI rewrite of that story.

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