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You are a special member of our community around the future of robotic surgery. What can these robots do now? What is coming in the future? I explore both in my fiction and my research. This page is the growing list of exclusive content that only newsletter subscribers see.

Real World

The Secret History of Robotic Surgery: A short history of robotic surgery from 1998 to 2020-ish. It also explores other parts of healthcare that are using robots.


Book 1: The Surgeon in the Mirror

Free Sample: 7 Chapters of The Surgeon in the Mirror

Exclusive Epilogue: One last exchange between Dr. Richard Atkins and Adam Two. It fits at the end of Book 1. So don’t read it until you have finished that book.

Mysterious Disappearance: Book 1 contains references to a mysterious disappearance. This freebie was a chapter that put more flesh around that event. But my editors suggested the story was better if we left this very vague. This is the chapter that was cut out of the final version.

Character Images: See images of the main characters as generated by the MidJourney generative AI program.

Book 1 Deleted Scene: A couple of flashback chapters deleted from Book 1. They are going to be the opening of a stand-alone short story appearing in 2024.


Book 2: Against a Viral Threat

Book2 Delete Scene: The opening of one chapter was deleted to keep the reader in the dark a little longer. This short clip shows that text and the comments from my editor who suggested the deletion.


Book 3: Savior of the War Torn

This book will be released in March 2024. Shortly after that I will share some of the exclusive material from the book.


The Surgeon’s Genie Short Story

BookFunnel Download. This is an origin story for the robot and the surgeons who use it. The story is also an experiment in human-AI collaborative writing. You can download it through our BookFunnel service. (Note: BookFunnel will ask for your email again, but don’t worry, the newsletter system is smart enough not to create duplicate subscriptions. I haven’t worked out this wrinkle yet.)